Research Activity

research-imageOur research activity is focused on two cutting edge Artificial Intelligence branches: Autonomous Robots and Artificial Vision. The ITRB Labs research team works on these areas since 2010 and we have achieved successful results both in research results as commercial applications.


Autonomous Robots

We firmly believe that cooperation is the key to achieve the best results, and the excellence can only be reached by the cooperation and effort of all team members. This is the philosophy behind our Autonomous Robots research line, where robots come to work together to reach the excellence by means of collaboration.

In recent years, ITRB Labs main research activity has produced, thanks to cooperation with Spanish Open University (UNED) and Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), a multi-robots coordination system oriented to environments with non-guaranteed radio-frequency communication. This system has succeeded in its application with real robots at laboratory level, and it is being adapted in a real scenario.  


Artificial Vision

The unstoppable image acquisition technology advance makes the Artificial Vision one of the most promising research fields. Our researchers are working in artificial vision techniques, developing algorithms to be used on final applications oriented both the ad-hoc as general use.

Result of this research line is specific software to aid hemiplegic patients in its therapeutic treatment, oriented to medical researches, rehabilitations clinics and hospitals.


You can find videos about our research activities on our youtube channel