ITRB LogoITRB Labs was funded in 2009 as an R&D Group aiming at combining the great expertise of its senior researchers under the entrepreneurial vision of RTDI, its hosting company, devoted to the development and commercialization of novel ICT. Under the motto "Intelligence in Robotics", the mission of ITRB Labs is to achieve excellence in the area of Artificial Intelligence, implementing integral R&D cycles focused both in scientific progress as commercial applications.

RTDI100X60The ITRB Labs R&D activity form part of the Research, Technology Development and Innovation Inc. (RTDI group) strategy. RTDI is a Spanish leading enterprise in the integral management of corporate R&D activities and with a broad succeeding experience in the creation and coordination of winning proposals for European Scientific Funded Programs, mainly in the FP7 and CIP calls within a variety of ICT themes. RTDI is currently coordinating the FP7 project HOLA!, which agglutinates all of the FP6 and FP7 projects within the ICT-'Internet of Services' field.

In its compromise to improve, divulge and collaborate with the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence community at European level, ITRB Labs is part of the European Robotics Technology Platform, the European Alliance for Innovation and the Spanish Robotics Technology Platform.